Black American multidisciplinary artist Shonté Young Williams focuses on design, painting, and illustration. Her artistic output is a mantra of color, shape, and movement that mixes fantasy and therapy. Shonte's work serves as a visual representation of her ongoing personal development journey, which is sharpened through understanding her identity and practicing self-care.
In Shonte's creative painting process she sets the atmosphere with a playlist that includes a wide range of musical genres. Jazz in particular, has inspired her works to be largely improvisational. The sounds that she hears evoke an emotional connection that determine the colors and shapes that she paints. While in this flow state, words and melodies come to her that is said aloud to communicate what she's feeling in that moment. So her work is not only visual art, but performance.  (WATCH HER WORK)
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Significance of Art Showcase. Wilmington, DE. 12.09.21
Transformation Art Show. Philadelphia, PA. 07.21.18
Art House Exhibition. Wilmington, DE. 12.22.17
One Night to Live. Wilmington, DE. 12.17.17
Dream Big Art Showcase. Newark, DE. 10.07.17
The Art Show Showcase and Fundraiser. Wilmington, DE. 06.23.17
Summer Nights at the Garage Artist Showcase. Wilmington, DE. 06.29.17
Art House Artist Showcase. Wilmington, DE. 02.22.17
One Night to Live Art Showcase. Wilmington, DE. 01.24.17
One Night to Live Art Showcase. Wilmington, DE. 10.26.16
Fruits of the Bible Exhibition. Wilmington, DE. 08.29.15
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