Shonté Young Williams is an American multidisciplinary visual artist. She creates abstract realms of rhythmic color and form; dancing through space. 
The first collection in her portfolio highlights her exploration of form and color. Images depicting her experience with hyperphantasia are found in the second collection.
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Significance of Art Showcase. Wilmington, DE. 12.09.21
Transformation Art Show. Philadelphia, PA. 07.21.18
Art House Exhibition. Wilmington, DE. 12.22.17
One Night to Live. Wilmington, DE. 12.17.17
Dream Big Art Showcase. Newark, DE. 10.07.17
The Art Show Showcase and Fundraiser. Wilmington, DE. 06.23.17
Summer Nights at the Garage Artist Showcase. Wilmington, DE. 06.29.17
Art House Artist Showcase. Wilmington, DE. 02.22.17
One Night to Live Art Showcase. Wilmington, DE. 01.24.17
One Night to Live Art Showcase. Wilmington, DE. 10.26.16
Fruits of the Bible Exhibition. Wilmington, DE. 08.29.15