Ever since I was in grade school I have had a fascination with the stars. I knew this fascination came from my curiosity of thinking beyond my current reality. The possibility of magical things out in the universe. As I got older, I became more fascinated with science fiction and sci-fi films. This lead me to choose Visual Effects and Motion Graphics as my major in college. During my studies, I explored image manipulation and used different application software to bring the depths of my imagination to life.

After graduating college, I realized that a move to the big city of New York was not financially feasible. This was a really challenging time. I grappled with the uncertainty of my future as a creative. At what I felt was my lowest, my mother encouraged me to go back to basics by exploring painting and drawing. As I explored painting, I began to create interesting abstract pieces, but I couldn’t understand what motivated or inspired them. I was accessing a deep part of my soul, but I couldn’t tell which! So I began a period of self reflection, trying to discover who I really was. In that joyful, tearful process, creating these pieces became not only educational, but therapeutic.

In my creative process I set the atmosphere with a playlist that includes a wide range of musical genres. Jazz in particular, has inspired my works to be largely improvisational. The sounds that I hear evoke an emotional connection that determine the colors and shapes that I paint. While in this flow state, words and melodies come to me that I say aloud to communicate what I’m feeling in that moment. So my work is not only visual art, but performance. 

Currently, this is the artist that I am. 
I freely exist in a spirit of evolution and exploration every day. Galaxies have being above, but I’ve discovered they also live within.
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Significance of Art Showcase. Wilmington, DE. 12.09.21
Transformation Art Show. Philadelphia, PA. 07.21.18
Art House Exhibition. Wilmington, DE. 12.22.17
One Night to Live. Wilmington, DE. 12.17.17
Dream Big Art Showcase. Newark, DE. 10.07.17
The Art Show Showcase and Fundraiser. Wilmington, DE. 06.23.17
Summer Nights at the Garage Artist Showcase. Wilmington, DE. 06.29.17
Art House Artist Showcase. Wilmington, DE. 02.22.17
One Night to Live Art Showcase. Wilmington, DE. 01.24.17
One Night to Live Art Showcase. Wilmington, DE. 10.26.16
Fruits of the Bible Exhibition. Wilmington, DE. 08.29.15
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